Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Field Guide Project

The Buddha Garden

MICA Sustainable Food Project

 The student-run MICA Sustainable Food Project a urban garden adjacent to the Fox Building, a non-profit worm exchange for indoor composting, beekeeping efforts, and a farm stand from July through September on Cohen Plaza, with proceeds going back to the garden.

Miranda Pfeiffer '11, an interdisciplinary sculpture major and a co-founder of the student group, said, "The garden's goal in the short term is educational. Most of us involved recognized a need to learn to grow our own food. And with MICA alumni like Greg Strella of Great Kids Farm or the Baltimore Development Cooperative, which works at Participation Park, it's reasonable to think that the skills we learn here may mature into larger projects."

"Our yield is currently modest, but in the next few years, it would be wonderful to supply campus dining or local organizations such as homeless shelters. And our garden is quite visible; being so close to the light rail means that innumerable Baltimoreans pass by every day. Sometimes they wave at us; sometimes I meet people outside of MICA who tell me they've seen me watering the plants. We like to think that our garden can serve as an inspiration to others."
Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within a given ecosystembiome, or an entire planet. Biodiversity is one measure of the health of ecosystems. Life on Earth today consists of many millions of distinct biological species.